Sun Sorb Pool Scum and Oil Absorber 2 Pack

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Sun Sorb Pool Scum and Oil Absorber - 2 Pack


Floats on top of water collecting particles too fine for your filter. Helps to eliminate the formation of a waterline scum. Absorbs 40 times its weight in suntan oils, body lotions, body oils and can be used over and over Simply place Sun Sorbs in you pool or hot tub. When dirty, just clean and reuse it multiple times!


  • For use in Pools and Spas
  • Attracts body and suntan oils.
  • Provides better water quality and improves filter cycles.
  • Can be turned over to double the absorption and squeezed out to renew its life.
  • Will last approx 1 year under normal pool conditions.
  • Pack of Two

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