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Family Owned & Operated Since 1982

About Us. Hansen's Pool & Spa is a locally owned and operated retail store for all of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois along with an online retail division where we have shipped our products nationwide for the last 20 years. Hansen's began in Waukegan, IL by Dave, who has worked tirelessly, along with his wife Paula for the last 41 years creating the business Hansen's is today. Over the past few years, their daughters Margaret and Katherine have taken over the daily operations of the business and continue to strive to be a great company to not only patronize, but also a great place for Hansen's team members.  

Our Product. At Hansen's Pool & Spa, We stock only the highest quality wellness and leisure products available to ensure your families fun and satisfaction is met. We sell and service items that keep families together, and that are fun and promote good health. You will find a large selection of Above Ground Pools, Semi-Inground Pools, Inground Pools, Hot Tubs / Spas, Saunas and Patio Furniture at Hansen's. We take time to carefully select manufacturers of these products that make a high quality product at a fair price and give great support of their product.

Buying Group Power - Apples to Apples Guarantee. Our mission has always been to offer the best products, best prices and best service available anywhere. Hansen's Pool & Spa is proud to belong to one of the nations largest buying groups, The Millennium Buying Group. It is because of this affiliation that we can buy products better and pass those savings on to our customers. Want to know more about our Apples to Apples Guarantee? Click here.

Our Team. We provide our team with continued education so you can have a great experience while in our store, calling for advice or getting in-field service completed. You will find we have a core group of Full Time staff that will be the most educated and able to help you with more complex issues. We also have an absolutely fantastic group of part-time staff members, some of them this being their first job. While they may not always have the answer you're looking for in the moment, we are confident they will be able to find you the answer, or find someone that will be able to give you the answer, all with a smile!


Meet our Retail & Service Team:

Monique Sales Specialist

Nicole has joined our retail team as retail sales specialist. Summer of 2023 may be her first season in the pool industry, but we have no doubt she will do everything she can to ensure you have the best experience with us at Hanssen's.


Call/Text 262-697-1114

Email: moni@shophansens.com

Nicole Service Coordinator

Nicole has joined our team initially as a Retail Assistant Manager, but has shown major strengths in managing our service & construction department and is now our Service Coordinator. She comes with years of experience leading a team and has quickly taken on an important role here at Hansen's. Summer of 2023 may be her first season in the pool industry, but we have no doubt she will do everything she can to ensure you have the best experience with us at Hanssen's.


Call/Text 262-697-1114

Email: nicole@shophansens.com

Oscar Lead Installation & Service Technician

Oscar joined our team in early 2022. Moving to Kenosha from Illinois, Oscar came with years of pool and hot tub service and installation experience. He brings his knowledge, positive attitude and dedication to ensure every job is done right.


Call/Text: 262-697-1114

Email: oscar@shophansens.com

Dominic Warehouse Manager

Dominic started working part time at Hansen's in 2010 in our warehouse. 11 years later, Dominic is now our Warehouse Manager ensuring all of our product gets delivered to you properly.


Call: 262-697-1114

Email: dominic@shophansens.com

Lisa Purchasing Manager

Lisa has been with us almost since day 1. She started with us in 1987 and to this day remains an integral part of our company. Lisa is the main reason you see product on our shelves and basically knows everything about every product we have in our building.


Call/Text: 262-697-1114 x 114

Email: lisa@shophansens.com



Tim Shipping Lead

Tim joined our team in 2013 and is now the 'head honcho' of our shipping department. You will find him most days packaging product to ship, driving the forklift, and probably heading to Kwik Trip for lunch. ;)


Our Family

In business since 1982, our main goal has always been to provide products and service to enhance the wellbeing and happiness of individuals and families. From left to right you will find Dave, Margaret, Paula and Katherine involved in many facets of the business. While we may not always be forefront at the retail counter (we have an AMAZING crew - see above!) because there are so many layers to running a business that need tending to, we try to make ourselves as available as possible to ensure your satisfaction with Hansen's.


Call/Text: 262-697-1114

Email: info@shophansens.com

More employee profiles to come.

A special shout out to all of our part time retail team - we couldn't do this without you: Aubrey, Belle, Kylene & Junior - we appreciate YOU! 

The Sturino Family on the Cover of PoolPro magazine Sumer of 2020.