Sirona Spa Care Spray & Rinse Cartridge Filter Cleaner

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Sirona Spa Care Spray & Rinse Filter Cleaner (16 fl. oz.)

Clean your spa filter with ease. Get the convenient color-indicating spray-and-rinse formula that removes oil, grease, calcium, and scale from cartridge filters in 5 minutes!

  • Works with all sanitizers
  • removes scale, minerals, oils, lotions, and other materials from cartridge filters.
  • Color-indicating spray turns blue on contact
  • Use with Sirona Spa Care Filter Cleaner for the ultimate clean


  • Spray the entire surface of the cartridge filter
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Rinse off the cartridge filter


  • Remove the cartridge filter from the filter housing, then rinse off the cartridge filter to remove loose material
  • Thoroughly soak the cartridge filter with water
  • Spray the Sirona Spa Care Spray and Rinse on the entirety over the cartridge filters surface
  • Allow the spray to sit on the filter for 5 Minutes
  • Rinse off the cleaned cartridge filter and place back into the spa's filter housing.
  • Repeat the above steps in order if necessary.

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