Oreq Stinger Standard Net Leaf Skimmer

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Oreq Stinger Standard Pool Net Leaf Skimmer

Introducing the Oreq Stinger Standard Pool Net Leaf Skimmer, a user-friendly essential for homeowners looking to maintain a pristine pool environment effortlessly. This skimmer boasts standard mesh for efficient debris collection and is designed for everyday use.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for homeowner use, ensuring convenience and effectiveness
  • Equipped with standard mesh for efficient leaf skimming
  • Features a Speedlock connector for seamless attachment to your pole
  • Includes a complimentary Quad-Clip for added ease of use
  • Tool-free replaceable net and rim for hassle-free maintenance
  • The double-stitched and reinforced net guarantees durability and long-lasting performance
  • Compatible with both Stinger and standard pool poles for versatile use

SKU: LN4030

Elevate your pool cleaning routine with the Oreq Stinger Standard Pool Net Leaf Skimmer, a reliable and efficient tool that simplifies maintenance tasks and ensures a pristine pool environment.

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