1lb-25lb Oxy plus non-chlorine pool shock

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Non-Chlorine Pool and Spa Oxidizing Shock:

Quick and Effective, Chlorine-Free Water Treatment

Revitalize your pool or spa with Non-Chlorine Pool and Spa Oxidizing Shock, packaged conveniently in a 1, 2, 25 lbs options. You can get back to swimming in just 15 minutes after application, safe for all pool and spa surfaces. This non-chlorine shock solution delivers rapid oxidation without impacting chlorine or bromine levels, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Swim-ready in just 15 minutes!
  • Chlorine-free formulation for gentle yet effective treatment
  • Powered by Dupont's potassium monopersulfate
  • Compatible with all pool surfaces
  • Comparable to leading brands like Oxy-Brite, Impact and Shocktrine, Pristine Power, Scortch Plus, Oxidizing Shock, and more

Dosage Guidelines:

Hot Tub: Add 2oz per 500 Gallons

Pool: Use 1lb per 10,000 Gallons

Ingredients: Potassium monopersulfate

Elevate your pool and spa maintenance with our Non-Chlorine Pool and Spa Oxidizing Shock and rediscover the joy of pristine, inviting water.

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