Mineral Cartridge for Spa Frog System

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Mineral Cartridge for Spa Frog System


Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge individual refill. This mineral cartridge is used in either the Spa Frog Floating System, or for the Spa Frog Inline System. Use with the Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge.

Replace every 4 months


Using Floating System
  1. Push Frog Mineral Cartridge into bottom of opening on the Spa Frog Floating System
  2. Insert Yellow Bromine Cartridge in second opening of Floating System
  3. Set system in Spa Water
Using In-Line System
  1. Open Cap of In-Line System
  2. Unlock Cartridge Holder by turning counter-clockwise
  3. Snap Mineral Cartridge into respective spot making sure it is lined up to the top of the holder
  4. Insert Bromine Cartridge in "Bromine" marked portion.
  5. Replace Holder and lock back into place
  6. Replace the Cap

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