Leisure Time Cartridge Filter Clean 32oz

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Filter Clean by Leisure Time 32oz


An overnight deep-cleaning solution for filters to remove body oils, suntan lotion, grease, and other organic material as well as scale and mineral buildup from filter media.

Dosage: 32 fl oz per 110 sq ft of filter area.


  • Remove your cartridge filter from the spa
  • In a container large enough to submerge your cartridge filter completely add 8 gallons of water and the bottle of filter cleaning solution
  • Allow to soak for at least 3 hours, for better results overnight or longer
  • Remove the filter from the cleaning solution, rinse off the cartridge filter, and place it back into the hot tub filter housing.


  • Soak-and-rinse formula for the cartridge, D.E., and sand filters
  • Compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone, minerals, and biguanide.

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