HPI 12 Year Bloc Mesh 99 Safety Cover for 12x24 ft Rectangular Pool

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HPI Yard Guard Bloc Mesh 99 For Rectangular Pools 12' X 24'

Safety Cover Made in America

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Protect your pool during the off season with a sleek look and strong cover.  The HPI Deck-Lock System is the latest in pool cover technology. HPI created a Bloc Mesh 99 that has 99% sunblock protection. The more sun you block, the less likely you are to grow algae and have sediment build-up.


  • Cover Size 14' x 26'
  • 99% Shade Block Rating
  • 5x5 Grid / Strap Spacing
  • 18 Mil Thickness
  • 34x11 Scrim Count - Flattened fiber for the ultimate sunblock rating
  • 7 gpm flow rate
  • 12 Year Warranty, 2 Years Full


  • Black thread (triple stitching) cross tack & box tack at all perimeter stress points.
  • Straps run on both top and bottom of the cover for added strength.
  • Raised rub strip to prevent chafing on coping.
  • Porous, tight mesh, giving the maximum of strength.
  • Reinforced webbing top and bottom on every seam and around the perimeter.
  • All covers are manufactured by the most modern of equipment including a computerized cutting and shaping system.
  • All specials are drawn and verified by the most sophisticated of CAD(Computer Aided Design) systems.
  • Quality Inspection Procedure: All Covers throughout every stage of production are quality checked and signed for before final packaging.

What's Included

  • Safety Pool Cover complete with unique Serial Number
  • Install Toolbar
  • Anchor Tamping Tool and Anchor Wrench
  • Stainless Steel Buckles, Stainless Steel Springs and Plastic Spring Sleeves
  • Brass Anchors
  • Storage Bag and Instructions

Product Notes - Please Read

  • This cover requires at least 3 feet of decking surrounding the pool for install.
  • This cannot be used where there are non-removable objects such as: ladders, slides, diving boards, etc.
  • This cover must be used on a rectangle pool with square corners or radius corners that is no more than 2'. If your pool is not rectangle that fits the size ordering or those parameters, the warranty may be void.
  • This cover will come 2' larger than the listed size. Order your exact pool size for the best fit.

Overlaps and Finished Sizes

  • Safety Covers have a 2’ overlap, 12” on each side of the pool.
  • The straps are 18” Long (adjustable)
  • The springs are 6” Long
  • In total, the ‘regular’ straps can fit an anchor that is 36” away from the pool’s edge

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