Frog Silicon Tether for Swim Spa Floating @ease System

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Frog Silicon Tether for Swim Spa Floating @ease System

This silicon tether is designed for durability and reusability, offering a longer-lasting solution for securing the FROG® @ease® Sanitizing System in your swim spa. Its gray color and silicone material make it a practical and resilient addition to your spa maintenance.

Key Features:

  1. Silicone Material: The tether is made of silicone, providing durability and resilience against the elements in your swim spa.

  2. Gray Color: The gray color of the tether adds a neutral and discreet look, blending well with the spa environment.

  3. Durable and Reusable: Designed for longevity and reusability, offering a more permanent solution compared to standard tethers.

  4. Length 20.5”: The tether has a length of 20.5”, providing ample reach and flexibility for securing the FROG® @ease® Sanitizing System.

Upgrade your FROG® @ease® SwimSpa Sanitizing System with this durable and reusable Silicone Tether. Enjoy a more secure and reliable solution for keeping your spa water consistently sanitized.

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