Custom Cut Saunas : Commercial and Residential


A special design or unique location doesn't mean you have to settle for less! With a Finnleo Custom-Cut saunas we can meet any need in any space. Options are unlimited with innovate use of glass windows and doors, unusual angles, and unique bench configurations.  

Whether you are looking for a Commercial Sauna or Residential Sauna, simply provide the inside dimensions, the door location and your preference for bench configuration — we'll do the rest. Need design assistance to overcome potential challenges? Contact us. We'll provide recommendations and C.A.D. drawings.


  • All materials are pre-cut for your space
  • All custom-cut saunas are made in the USA
  • Does require installation with carpentry knowledge
    • You can build it yourself if you are skilled, or you can hire us!
  • Simply fill out the quote form below with your basic measurements and we can have a quote to you within 4-5 business days. 


  • YOUR CHOICE! Traditional Steam Sauna, Infrared Panels, or a hybrid!
  • Contemporary glass-to-glass corner creates an open feel
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Two-tone wood combinations
  • Duck board flooring
  • Western Red Card, Canadian Hemlock or Nordic White Spruce wood options

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Custom Cut Saunas : Commercial and Residential

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