Maintain Shock for Frog @Ease and Serene 1-Pack

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Frog Maintain (Jump Start) Non-Chlorine Maintenance Shock

(2oz. Non-chlorine Pool Shock for Frog Maintain @Ease or Serene chemical system for hot tubs up to 600 gallons.)

This Effective one-dose packet is a simple way to shock a hot tub without the need of chlorine. With Frog maintain you can use your hut tub within 15 minutes of shocking.


  • Use Frog Maintain once a month if you are using the @Ease Sanitizing System or when replacing a Smart Chlor Cartridge.
  • Use Frog Maintain once a week if you are using Frog Serene or Filter Mate.
  • Add an extra packet for heavy use

Frog Maintain is compatible with all hot tub chemicals!


  • Potassium monopersulfate 38.25%
  • Constituents ineffective as adjuvants 61.75%
  • Total 100%

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