GLB Aqua Silk Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer

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GLB Aqua Silk Chlorine Free Shock Oxidizer

*Works as a Direct Replacement for Baquacil Oxidizer.

Aqua Silk is a Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer by GLB is a chlorine free sanitizer that will help clarify the pool water by oxidizing the organic compounds that contaminate pools completely.

  • Chlorine-free and bromine-free.
  • No harsh odors
  • Great for swimmers who experience sensitive skin.
  • Gentle on hair, skin, eyes, swimsuits. 
  • Gentle on pool equipment and vinyl liners.
  • Not affected by sunlight, temperature or pH.
  • SKU: 71266

Click here for the Aqua Silk Care Guide

Hydrogen Peroxide: 27%, Water: 7732-18-5

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