Blue Torrent Return Gaskets Replaces Hayward #SPX 1023Z

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Blue Torrent Return Gaskets Replaces Hayward #SPX 1023Z

Blue Torrent Return Gaskets, a reliable replacement for Hayward #SPX 1023Z. This set of gaskets, ensures a secure and effective seal for your pool return fittings. 

  • Direct Replacement: Designed as a direct replacement for Hayward #SPX 1023Z, these gaskets ensure a precise fit for your pool return fittings.

  • Set of Gaskets: The package includes a set of gaskets, providing comprehensive coverage for multiple return fittings and promoting a leak-free connection.

  • Efficient Seal: The gaskets offer an efficient and secure seal, preventing leaks and optimizing the performance of your pool return fittings.

  • Easy Installation: Enjoy the convenience of easy installation, allowing you to replace the gaskets without hassle.

SKU: JT 37443

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