Blue Torrent Doughboy Skimmer Rebuild Kit

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Blue Torrent Doughboy Skimmer Rebuild Kit

The Blue Torrent Standard Skimmer Rebuild Kit provides essential components for the maintenance and repair of thru-wall skimmers. Here are the included items:

The Blue Torrent Skimmer Rebuild Kit, adapted for Doughboy, offers essential components for the upkeep and repair of Doughboy thru-wall skimmers. The kit includes:

Included Components:

  • 2 Rubber Skimmer Gaskets:

    • Rubber gaskets crafted to form a secure and watertight seal around the Doughboy skimmer, preventing potential leaks.

  • 1 Set of Return Gaskets:

    • Gaskets tailored for the return fitting on the Doughboy skimmer, ensuring a reliable and leak-resistant connection.


  • This rebuild kit is specifically designed for use with Doughboy thru-wall skimmers.

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