Blast Off! Dual Purpose Power Washer by Essentials

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Blast Off Dual Purpose Power Washer by Essentials

Cartridge Filter Cleaning Wand

Filtration material is porous - it has to be for water to flow through it. Oils, lotion, minerals and scale don't just build up on one side of the material. That's why the only real way to clean a filter is from the inside out! Blast Off! cleans your filter two ways. First from the inside - removing scale and build-up formed on the inside of the filtration material. At the same time, blasting water through the pleats to loosen and dislodge larger particles that have been trapped on the outside of the filter. Next, simpler Blast Off! the outside of the filter to effortlessly rinse everything away. A perfectly clean filter from the inside out! Precision flow control lever prevents splashing and mess!

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