Baquacil Filter Cleaner

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Baquacil Filter Cleaner

Suitable for Sand, Cartridge Filters, and DE Filters

Baquacil Filter Cleaner is a powerful formula, available in a convenient 32oz bottle, is specially designed to deliver unmatched effectiveness in cleaning Sand, Cartridge, and DE Filters. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines – our Baquacil Filter Cleaner offers a quick and effortless way to maintain pristine pool water.

Compatible with all chemical systems, including chlorine, salt, pristine blue, and Softswim, our filter cleaner ensures versatility and ease of use for pool owners. Experience unparalleled results with the strongest filter cleaner on the market, designed to leave your filters performing at their best.

Key Features:

  • Powerful formula for deep cleaning
  • Suitable for Sand, Cartridge, and DE Filters
  • Can be used with any type of pool sanitizing system
  • Recommended to use mid-season
  • Size: 32 oz. bottle


  • 1 bottle per treatment

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