Aqua Pill WinterPill® 4.4oz (2.75") By Natural Chemistry

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Aqua Pill WinterPill® 4.4oz (2.75") By Natural Chemistry

The Aqua Pill WinterPill® is the fastest and most effective solution for closing your pool during the winter season. This powerful formula treats up to 15,000 gallons of water, ensuring a hassle-free winterization process.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Winterization: WinterPill®'s all-in-one formula streamlines the winterizing process, clarifying pool water and reducing scaling and staining.
  2. Enzyme Enhanced: Controls non-living organics, preventing waterline rings and enhancing filter performance for clear water throughout the off-season.
  3. Patented Delivery System: The pre-measured release system maintains clear water, while the concentrated formula works effectively with all sanitizers and pool surfaces without affecting pool chemistry.
  4. Concentrated Formula: Highly concentrated closing product that works continuously through the winter, reducing off-season scum lines and keeping water clear for a faster turnaround time at opening.


  1. Insert the blue piercing tool into the large center hole of the pill.
  2. Press firmly against a hard surface until the plastic is punched through.
  3. Remove the blue piercing tool.
  4. Place the pill in the pool; WinterPill® will float and dispense the formula throughout the winter season.

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