30' Round HPI Armor Kote Winter Pool Cover - Cover size 35'

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30' Round HPI Armor Kote Winter Pool Cover - cover size 34'

ADVANCED COATING TECHNOLOGY! Made in the USA Solid Winter Pool Cover. Don't be fooled by fake imported imitations as there is only one Armor Kote winter pool cover made by HPI Industries located in Medina NY Armor Kote winter pool covers boasts an extraordinary fabric coating that provides superior seam strength, high tear, and puncture resistance. Also, is impervious to chlorine and other chemical stains. Additionally, the cover has a 10x7 Scrim with 1600 Denier Tapes (Denier Tapes measures the weight and strength of fibers, the higher the number the stronger it is!). The special Armorkote coating makes this cover lightweight and solid.


  • Fastening Loop Approx Every 3'
  • Comes with Cable and Winch
  • 30% Lighter than Most Winter Covers
  • 50% Stronger than Most Winter Covers
  • 10x7 Scrim With 1600 Denier Tapes

Warranty 20-Year Warranty/ 5 Years Full ORDER YOUR POOL SIZE - COVER COMES 4' LARGER

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