When it comes to opening up an Above Ground or Inground Pool, we always suggest opening at least 2 weeks before you intend to use it. This will give you time to locate all of your equipment, assemble all your pieces, ensure everything is running as it should, and get your pool clean before use.

Below you will find a basic to-do list to open your Chlorine pool. If you would prefer to have Hansen's open your pool, please click here.


  • Remove water and debris from top of pool cover
  • Remove winter cover and clean thoroughly. Allow cover to air dry before folding for storage.
  • Clean any waterline or stains on liner.
  • Install all fittings and equipment removed for winterizing.
  • Hook up filter system.
  • Teflon tape all fittings, and lube all O-rings. (Do not operate at this point)
  • Fill pool with water to proper level. Halfway up on the skimmer faceplate is recommended.
  • After filling pool to proper water level, begin filter operation. Check filter system for proper flow and suction. Check all hoses and seals for leaks. Be sure to start filter operation with clean and adequate filter media.
  • Use skimmer net or bag to remove leaves and debris. If you have an abundance or leaves, we suggest using a venturi leaf vacuum before using a regal filter vac system. Vacuuming a large quantity of leaves with your regular could damage your pump. We do not recommend auto vac use with large quantities of debris/leaves.
  • Shock pool and add algaecide. Amount will depend on the pool size and condition of the water. Is there algae present? How bad is it? Can you see the bottom? Please note that it is more cost efficient to “overkill” than to have to repeat this process in a few days. If you have heavy algae, please follow these directions to treat the algae.
  • If algae is present, scrub walls and bottom thoroughly with pool bush after adding chemicals. Make sure algae is gone before vacuuming.
  • Vacuum pool thoroughly. Watch the filter pressure if there is a lot of debris in the pool.
  • When water is clear and chlorine level has stabilized, bring in a water sample to Hansen’s for a computerized water analysis. We will test for pH., mineral content, stabilizer, alkalinity, etc.