Note: Pool should not be closed when the weather is still warm and water temperature is above 65*

  1. Balance your pool's water chemistry prior to closing the pool. This can be done with Baquacil test strips or by bringing in a water sample to our water lab. (Tests are FREE with water rewards)
  2. Clean your pool thoroughly. If your pool has algae, you will want to do an algae treatment prior to closing the pool.  
  3. Lower the water level approximately 6” below the wall skimmer and use a return plug in the return outlet. Now is the ideal time to install the Aquador Skimmer Closure System.  Failure to water the water level below plastic fixtures may result in damaged or cracked product due to freezing water.
  4. Drain water from your skimmer, remove basket and replace the top.  
  5. Remove ladders/steps from the pool. Clean prior to storing for the winter.
  6. Disconnect filtration equipment. Drain all water from the pump and tank. If you have a sand filter, Sand can be removed or the tank can be filled with 1 gallon of Pool Anti-Freeze. Cartridge filters should be removed from the tanks. It is always a good idea to add a gallon of Pool Anit-Freeze to the pump and tank if it cannot be brought inside.
  7. Add winterizing chemicals (10,000 Gallons of water: 1 Gallon of Oxidizer, 1 Pint of CDX + Top Sanitizer up to 50) along with adding Pool Magic Spring + Fall
  8. Secure an ‘Ice Expansion Pillow’ to the center of the pool with the Pillow Pal You need one square for rounds, 2 square or one rectangular for oval pools. This will help prevent damage to your pool and pool walls due to ice expansion when water freezes. Note: The pillow is a sacrificial item! If it pops after the first freeze, it did its job! If it made it through the winter, you got lucky! :)
  9. Secure your Winter Pool Cover according to manufacturer’s instructions.   Cover should “drape” over the pillow and rest on the surface of the water. Cover should not be pulled taut and never use jugs as weights. If you have excessive wind, use Pool Cover Clips and/or Winter Seal to prevent the cover from billowing in the wind.  
  10. Before storage, clean your solar cover, step, hoses and accessories with cover cover or a mild detergent. Never use bleach on your cover/equipment when doing a routine cleaning.

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