Spring is here and while we may still be waiting on Mother Nature to "get with it" we are doing lots of behind the scenes work to plan and prep for an incredible Spring/Summer season here at Hansen's. We're planning some exciting events, celebrating our 40th year and creating some new programs and positions to create a better experience for our customers.

WATER CARE SPECIALIST Our industry is not the easiest one to be involved in. There are so many things you need to know from water care to special product info. This can be especially hard on our younger staff, many of them experiencing their first job. So this year we have created a new position, Water Care Specialist. On top of our Sales Associates and Managers, those in this new position will be going through more intense training than our retail associates to better help you with product questions and troubleshooting water care solutions. What this means is that we will NOT be training all of our retail associates on things like Algae treatment, Cloudy water treatment, etc. We have attempted to do this in the past and at no fault of their own, this created some confusion for customers as they just were not equiped to handle these types of questions due to the seasonality of our business and lack of time for training. If at any point you are experience any water issues, please email us at info@shophansens.com, call or text us at 262-697-1114 or stop in our store! We are here to help.

SERVICE DEPARTMENT EXPANSION We are thrilled to share that we have expanded our service department over the winter bringing in more individuals to assist and a new service techinician, Oscar, that comes with years of experience in the Pool & Hot Tub industry. This has also allowed Dominic, our Service & Delivery Coordinator to spend less time on the road and more time on call-backs, scheduling, and managing the department. This means faster scheduling, more services offered and our continued commitment to quality service.

DEFINING MANAGEMENT ROLES Over the last 2 years - we have experienced things we never thought we would and a demand on our time, product and energy that was unexpected. While there were difficulties that came with it, it also allowed us to see where we can spend time to improve. Over this past winter we have created better definition of our retail management and assistant management roles to ensure our customers receive great customer service, attention to their needs and better help within our store. Carly and Kristin our ready to give you a great experience whether you're shopping in our store, calling/texting, or shopping online!

As you can see we've been very busy over the last few months doing all we can to create an amazing experience for our customers and a supportive environment for our team members.

We look forward to working with you this Spring & Summer!