Yellow Out

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Yellow Out

Container size: 2lbs

Coral Seas Yellow Out gets rid of algae fast! Go from green to clean in 24 hours with no brushing. Guaranteed! Regular use of Coral Seas Yellow Out also help reduce copper algaecide use that can stain a pool surfaces.

Dosage: 2 lbs. per 15,000 gallons of water, concentrating on problem areas. Run filter continuously for 24 hours after adding. Yellow Out should never be pre-mixed with chlorine or other chemicals, nor should it be added directly into skimmer basket or filter suction line. DO NOT MIX IN A BUCKET, APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE POOL. Compatible with salt generators.

What is Yellow Out ?
  • Yellow Out® is a chemical breakthrough! Amazing cleanup results when used prior to an EPA-Registered chlorine that kills, green, yellow, pink and brown algae.
  • NO Brushing Needed!
  • NO Metals
  • Safe for Vinyl Pools
  • Safe for Pools with Salt Generators
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