Winter Cover Wrap

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Cover Wrap for Above Ground Pools

Solution to High Wind Areas for Winter Pool Closing

The Gladon winter pool cover seal wrap is a great and simple solution for stopping wind from getting under your winter cover causing damage and premature wear and tear. Winter Cover Seal is a unique blend of tough poly blend film that wraps around your pool to seal out winter gusts. The secret to Cover Seal is a special blend of resins that enables this unique material to stretch and hold tightly over a long period of time, even during extreme cold weather. Cover Seal is also packed with U.V. inhibitors so that the sun will not weaken it.

One box will wrap around a 24' round pool six times.  Order two boxes for larger pools.

  • Helps Secure Winter Pool Covers
  • Seals Pool Blocking Wind and Dirt
  • UV Protected
  • Roll Has EZ Grip Handles
  • Prolongs Cover Life
  • Eliminates the need for milk jug weights and looks much better too