Waterway Chlorine Tablet In-Line Feeder - Chlorinator

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Waterway CLC012 Chlorine Tablet Feeder

Water Ways Plastics Clear Water Chemical Feeder from Waterway provides reliable and safe pool sanitation. Fits Above Ground pools or In Ground Pools. Can be mounted inline using sch40 pvc or add the mounting bracket and install on the ground next to your pool filter. Great for 1" or 3" chlorine tablets. Tri-Chlor ONLY!

  • Features:
  • Holds 5lbs of chlorine tablets
  • 2"ch socket x 2-1/2"ch spigot
  • A check valve to prevent backflow of water into chlorinator
  • Internal chamber designed for improved performance
  • Clear vessel design simplifies knowing when to add chemicals
  • Includes 1-1/2" PVC Slip x Slip reducer
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