Twin Palms Hot Tub by Bahama Spas

Twin Palms Hot Tub by Bahama Spas

Bahama Spa's Twin Palms

Relax and let go of the day's stresses just a few steps outside of your own back door. 

The Twin Palms is a NEW spa in the popular Bahama spas line up.This spa has a whopping 50 soothing jets and boasts two strong pumps to give you a hydrotherapy session like no other. 

  • 60" x 82.5" x 30"H (45"H at Speakers)
  • Seats 3 Comfortably 
  • 225 Gallons
  • 50 Soothing Jets
  • NEW! in.K1000 Control Pad with color touch screen display.
    • Interactive display icons and on-screen reminders make for a unique user interface. 
  • 50 Soothing Stainless Steel  jets
  • 225 Gallons
  • LED Underwater Multi Colored Lighting
  • Two (2) 6.0 hp Powerful Pumps
  • 220 Volt / 60 amp hard wired equipment module
  • Maintenance Free Skirting
  • ABS Bottom Surface
  • Icynene Insulation
  • Weight (Approximate)  Dry: 375 lbs  Filled: 2,175 lbs
  • Circulation Pump
    • Circulate your spa at a very low speed 24/7 for a superior clean and energy efficiency. 
  • LED back-lit Jets
    • Stunning LED lights inside your jets!
  • In.Mix Lighting System
    • Stunning Underwater light shows. Define independent zones in the spa for a truly customized spa experience. 
  • White Palm Package
  • In Touch remote Control system
    • Streams your spa's status through wi-fi giving you the ability to control your spa from anywhere via the App!
  • Cover Lift Assist
    • Makes it easy to take off your spa cover and put it back on!
  • Safe-T-Rail handrails
  • Steps

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    Twin Palms Hot Tub by Bahama Spas