The Pool Pillow Pal

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The Pool Pillow Pal


Make the Pool Winterizing Job Easier with the Pool Pillow Pal! 

The Pool Pillow Pal is a unique device that connects and centers the air pillow to the winter cover without ropes or ties! With industrial strength adhesive, the pillow pal uses super strong hook-and-loop technology that is designed to withstand subfreezing temperatures.

Use with your Winter Cover and Air Pillow



  • Completely Eliminates the need for Rope or Ties
  • Works for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools
  • Attaches an Air Pillow Easily to the Center of your Winter Cover



  1. Find the center of your cover and mark with a marking tab.  This can be done by folding the cover in half, and then half again and marking the center point.
  2. Remove the plastic backing and attach the white Pool Pillow Pal to the cover by aligning the die-cut hole over the marking tab. *Make sure the area is clean and dry. 
  3. Apply the black Pool Pillow Pal to the center of the air pillow.
  4. Inflate the pillow about 60% of its capacity, then line up the Pool Pillow patch on the pillow with the one on the cover and connect with a firm press.
  5. Lift the cover with the attached pool pillow and place into pool making sure the pillow is between the cover and the water. 

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