Stinger Leaf Rake with 18" Rocket Bag

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Stinger Leaf Rake with 18" Rocket Bag

Introducing the Oreq Stinger Leaf Rake with an 18" Rocket Bag, an innovative tool designed to revolutionize your pool cleaning experience with enhanced maneuverability and unmatched flexibility. Perfectly crafted for homeowners, this leaf rake is engineered to deliver exceptional debris removal and effortless operation.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for homeowner use, ensuring optimal convenience and effectiveness in cleaning tasks
  • Features an 18" Rocket Bag that enables easy maneuvering through water, providing unparalleled flexibility during use
  • The flexible design allows for quick flipping of the bag inside out, facilitating effortless debris removal for a seamless cleaning process
  • Equipped with a Speedlock connector for swift and secure pole attachment, making setup a breeze
  • Includes a complimentary Quad-Clip for added convenience and ease of use during operation
  • Packaged in retail-ready clamshell packaging for convenient storage and transportation
  • Tool-free replaceable net and rim for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance
  • The double-stitched and reinforced net guarantees durability, offering reliable performance season after season
  • Compatible with both Stinger and standard pool poles, offering versatility and compatibility with various setups

Rest assured, the Oreq 4010 will be delivered exactly as pictured on our website, meeting your expectations for quality and functionality. Elevate your pool cleaning routine with the Oreq Stinger Leaf Rake and experience unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use for a pristine pool environment.

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