Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner

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Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner

Maintaining clean filters is crucial for effective spa water care. Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is an essential tool in achieving this goal. This powerful hot tub filter cleaner, free from harsh acids or bleach, efficiently removes oil, hair, dirt, and grime lodged in cartridge filter fabric. With one bottle providing 8 filter cleanings, Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner stands out as the most economical choice on the market, costing only $3.50 per cleaning.

3-Step Process for using Spa Marvel:

  1. Use Spa Marvel Cleanser to purge the Spa / Hot Tub.
  2. Add a single bottle of Spa marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner
  3. Enjoy your trouble free spa for three months

Usage Instructions:

  • Remove the filter from the spa and rinse it with a spray hose.
  • Add two capfuls of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner to up to 20 liters (5 gallons) of fresh water in a pail, mixing to dissolve.
  • Soak the filter overnight in the solution.
  • After soaking, it's crucial to thoroughly remove debris from the pleats of the filters. Use a pressure washer (gently and carefully) or the sprayer at a coin-operated car wash if needed. Discoloration or lingering smells indicate that the filters are not clean.
  • Most reusable hot tub filters should be replaced after 6 months of use.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Perform a thorough filter rinse once a week.
  • Conduct a complete monthly cleaning using Spa Marvel hot tub filter cleaner.
  • When refilling your hot tub use a Spa Marvel X10 pre filter to capture any unwanted debris before it enters the spa.

Remember, the filter removes whatever is introduced into the spa, so even one bather covered in body lotions can affect filter cleanliness.

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner has received acclaim from industry professionals, recognized for its performance and affordability. It remains the best-priced filter cleaner on the market, ensuring cost-effective, top-tier filter maintenance.

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