Solar Pill Liquid Solar Blanket 4.4oz (2.75") by Natural Chemistry

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Solar Pill Liquid Solar Blanket 4.4oz

For Pools Up To 12,000 Gallons

Solar Pill Liquid Solar Blanket is your solution for reducing heat loss and water evaporation. This innovative product from Natural Chemistry creates an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on your pool's surface, minimizing heat loss and conserving water. It is designed to combat daily heat loss primarily caused by evaporation, ensuring your pool stays warm and inviting.

Key Features of Solar Pill:

  • It provides an easy-to-use solution in a convenient pill form that fits snugly in your skimmer, offering a 4.4oz (2-3/4") Solar Cover Alternative.
  • Solar Pill effectively reduces heat loss and prevents water evaporation, extending your swimming season.
  • Its gradual release system slowly releases the formula into your pool water, ensuring consistent and optimal coverage.
  • You can simply place the pill in the skimmer, and it automatically dispenses the formula for hassle-free maintenance.
  • This long-lasting protection lasts up to one month and treats up to 12,000 gallons of water, providing continuous protection.

Solar Pill Instructions:

  1. Insert the blue piercing tool into the large center hole of the pill.
  2. Press firmly against a hard surface until the plastic is punched through.
  3. Remove the blue piercing tool.
  4. With the pump running, place the pill face up in the skimmer for 24 hours. Ensure to empty the contents of the pill before removing it from the pool.

DO NOT place chlorine tablets into skimmer at this time. Run the pump for a least 8 hours daily.

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