Pristine Blue AlgaeShield Algaecide

Pristine Blue AlgaeShield Algaecide

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Algae Sheild by Earth Science

One quart of Algae Shield will treat up to 32,000 gallons of pool water. 19.8% Copper Sulfate. Strongest Algaecide on the market today!! Not for use in Baquacil Pools

One quart of Pristine Blue Algae Shield treats up to 32,000 gallons of pool water. Application should be made monthly.

This Copper based Algicide will prevent all types of Algae from growing in your swimming pool.

Most algae products on the market are made for use after an ugly outbreak of algae occurs. Algae Shield actually prevents ugly green water with just one ounce per 1,000 gallons, once a month.

Algae Shield's special formula evenly disperses so every ounce of your water is protected against algae. If there's no algae present in the water, Algae Shield stands guard. When algae spores enter the water, Algae Shield is ready! It kills algae before it multiplies and becomes an unsightly mess in your pool.