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Poolmaster Pool Fountain

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Color Cascade Waterfall Fountain by Poolmaster

Waterfall Fountain for Inground Pools

Color Cascade Waterfall Fountain by Poolmaster hooks directly to your existing Water Return fitting(s). If your pool has more than one return fitting you can hook more than one up to really enhance your nighttime swimming.

Enhance your inground pool with the waterfall during the day and at night watch as the LED night lights provide a stunning kaleidoscope of color. The Color Cascade Waterfall Fountain has an inside dynamotor which is directly driven by the water force of the pump. Adjustable water spray height.

Easily installs with no tools required. Fits on most in-ground or above pools with 1.5" threaded automatic cleaner line or return line with eyeball fitting. 12" x 5.25" x 4" tall

Very simple to install.