Poolife NST Tablets

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Poolife NST Tablets


Skimmer Chlorine Tablets

Poolife Exclusive Pool Care Collection NST is an alternative to 3" tablets and does not contain cyanuric acid (stabilizer).

This product is made to be placed in the skimmer


  • Destroys bacteria and organic contaminants without over stabalizing pool

  • Slow Dissolving

  • Compatiable with Salt Generators to maintain proper sanitization level.

  • Skimmer Safe

  • Non-Corrosive for pool heater and pool equipment


  1. Use only in pools with a skimmer or skimmer basket.

    Skimmer basket should be clear of all other water treatment.

  2. Place tablet in skimmer basket.

  3. Replace with a new tablet as needed. Do not mix with other products or dissolve before use.

Do not place this product in any chlorinating device. To be use in your pool skimmer basket ONLY

Ingredients Calcium Hypochlorite: 70.2%, Other Ingredients: 29.8%

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