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Pool LEAP Frog Torpedo Pac - Frog Bac Pac

Pool LEAP Frog Torpedo Pac - Frog Bac Pac

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FROG Low Chlorine Pac fits all Frog and Prevail systems. This Low Chlorine Torpedo BacPac releases chlorine slowly and steadily for maximum effectiveness. Your pool will be clean, clear, and Sanitized

  1. Ensure pH level is between 7.2-7.8.
  2. Add chlorine shock to pool to bring free available chlorine to a 1ppm residual level.
  3. Add Cyanuric Acid to pool to ensure the water is stabalized.
  4. Take Frog Cycler cap off and remove pac colored caps. Hold bac pac so the open end faces down. Insert into Pool Frog mineral reservoir.
  5. Super-chlorinate when necessary Turn control dial to Minimum or Setting 0 before super-chlorinating. Once desired free available chlorine has been obtained, return the control dial to the normal operating setting.
  6. Periodically check the pac and replace with a new one when empty.