Oreq Stinger Mini Rake 12"

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Oreq Stinger Mini Rake 12"

Introducing the Oreq Stinger Mini Brush, your ultimate tool for reaching challenging spots in your pool, spa, fountain, or pond.

Key Features:

  • 12" Wide brush head for thorough and efficient cleaning coverage
  • Poly Bristles designed to work flawlessly on all pool surfaces, ensuring a pristine finish
  • Magnetic end caps assist in effortlessly picking up metal debris, leaving your water sparkling clean
  • Quick and easy SpeedLock connection system for seamless attachment to your telescopic pool pole
  • Compatible with all standard telescopic pool poles, providing versatility and convenience during use

Upgrade your pool cleaning routine with the Oreq Stinger Mini Brush, designed for precision, durability, and superior cleaning performance.

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