Maintain Granular Flocculant 5lbs

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Clarify your pool water with Maintain's Granular Floc!

Suspended particles in the pool water can make the water appear cloudy, turbid, and discolored. When this product is added to the pool water it will combine with most solids and settle them to the pool floor. The debris can be removed by vacuuming the pool or sweeping into the pool drain, leaving your pool water clean and clear.


  • Clean and backwash the filter.
  • Test pH level with a reliable test kit or strips.
  • Adjust pH level to atleast 7.8 to allow to product to work properly.

How to add to your pool:

  • Turn off your pool filter.
  • Use this product at the rate of 1 Lb. per 5000 gallons.
  • Broadcast this product evenly across the entire surface of the pool water.
  • Remove setteld debris from the pool by slowly vacuuming.
  • Resume normal filter operation after use.

*Only use this if you have a Sand Filter. 

Active Ingredient: Aluminum Sulfate

Safety Data Sheet

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