Infrasaunas: IS44 | Infrared & Steam Sauna Combo


This dual function Sauna is perfect for those who would like to get benefits of both an Infrared Sauna and a Steam Sauna in just one unit. 

For those who sauna bathe alone, or with one other — or for those who have limited space, the diminutive Hallmark IS440, 4’ x 4’ two-person sauna just might be the best value in the market today. The IS44 comes complete, from the factory, with a “Two-in-One InfraSauna Dual Heating System” comprised of Finnleo’s Low EMR/EF Infrared heating panels as well as a stainless steel traditional sauna heater. Simply assemble and plug into a 120-volt household outlet. The SaunaLogic control panel allows you to easily select “Infrared” or “Traditional” Finnish sauna, depending upon what you’re in the mood for.


  • Size: 48"D x 48"W x 75"H
  • Plugs in to any 15 amp 120-volt outlet
  • Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Infrared Panels are Low EMR / Low EF Rated
  • Space chosen for Sauna should be a level area. 


  • Low EMR / Low EF emitters
  • Touch pad dual controls
  • Delayed heating option
  • Color Light for Chromatherapy
  • FM/MP3 Sound System
  • Interior Halogen Lighting
  • Exterior Halogen Lighting

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Infrasaunas: IS44 | Infrared & Steam Sauna Combo

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