Gladon Floating Spa Cover Saver

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88" x 96"


Gladon Floating Spa Cover Saver


Gladon’s Spa CoverSaver is designed to float on the surface of the water in your spa. The CoverSaver protects your expensive spa cover from the chemicals in your spa water, extending cover life. The CoverSaver works with your main cover to limit heat loss, saving expensive energy. Our Spa CoverSaver can reduce heat loss by up to 80%, compared to an uncovered spa.

The CoverSaver is made from a closed cell insulating foam, bonded to an impervious layer of an advanced polymer material. This unique composition resists the absorption of moisture and chemicals. Compared to "bubble wrap" material, the CoverSaver will last longer while insulating better.

The Spa CoverSaver can easily be trimmed to fit any spa shape.


  • Extends Spa Cover Life

  • Saves Energy

  • Save Chemicals

  • Does Not Absorb Moisture

  • Light Weight

  • Trims Easily to Fit Any Spa Shape

  • Seamless One Piece Design

  • Rolls Up For Easy Storage

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