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Gladon Cover Lock Jr. 12 Pack

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Cover Lock Jr by Gladon

Two Piece Cover Clip System

Gladon's Winter Cover Loc JR's are designed to last for years and consist of interlocking 5" long male and female parts made with a flexible, UV stabilized resin. Male cover loc JR's are snapped onto a pools top rails and female cover loc JR's snap over the winter pool cover onto the male parts. This two-piece design offers more holding power than any other cover clip.

  • Two Piece system for durable locking technology
  • UV Stabalized Resin
  • Pack of 12


  1. Place minimum of 3 male clips per top rail.
  2. Place cover over the pool and top rails
  3. Snap female cover locks over the cover onto the male pieces.


Simply lightly pull on excess cover material to remove the female cover lock!

Gladon cover lock jr cover clips for winter cover