Frog @Ease Floating Sanitizer System for Swim Spas

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Spa Frog @Ease Floating Sanitizer for Swim Spas

Experience the Advantages of Fresh Mineral Water

Enjoy the luxury of hassle-free spa water maintenance with the FROG® @ease® SwimSpa Floating Sanitizing System. Designed for swim spas up to 3,000 gallons, this system combines the power of Fresh Mineral water with SmartChlor® Technology to keep your swim spa water crystal clear and sanitized.

Key Features:

  1. Complete System: The FROG® @ease® SwimSpa System includes (1) SwimSpa FROG® @ease® Mineral Cartridge, (1) SwimSpa FROG® @ease® SmartChlor® Cartridge, 30 test strips, and a tether for optional use.

  2. SmartChlor® Technology: Utilizes SmartChlor® Technology to maintain the ideal chlorine level for your swim spa. It flips when empty, indicating the need for replacement.

  3. Cyanuric Acid-Free: This system is cyanuric acid-free, ensuring a more balanced and comfortable spa experience.

  4. Floats and Flips: The system conveniently floats in the swim spa and flips when empty, making it easy to monitor and replace.

  5. Replace Every 4 Months: For optimal performance, it is recommended to replace the FROG® @ease® SwimSpa System every 4 months or when draining and refilling, whichever comes first.

Simplify your swim spa water care routine with the FROG® @ease® SwimSpa Floating Sanitizing System. Enjoy the benefits of fresh mineral water and SmartChlor® Technology, ensuring a relaxing and clean swim spa experience.

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