Confer Plastics Above Ground In Pool Steps - Warm Gray

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Confer Plastics Above Ground In Pool Steps - Step-1X Warm Gray

The Confer Plastics In Pool Step Model 1X in Warm Gray is Designed for pools with flat bottoms, these steps combine functionality with style, ensuring safety and convenience for every swimmer.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation: Snap-together assembly makes setup a breeze.
  • Shipping Convenience: Can be shipped via UPS/RPS.
  • Spacious Steps: Each step offers 270 square inches of space, complete with two sturdy all-plastic handrails.
  • Secure Mounting: Includes mounting brackets to attach the unit to your pool or deck securely.
  • High Visibility: The gray steps provide excellent visibility in the water.
  • Robust and Reliable: Holds up to 400 pounds, combining economy with strength.
  • Enhanced Stability: Improved base system for added stability.
  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year full factory warranty covering manufacturing defects and workmanship.


  • Deck Compatibility: Fits decks up to 60 inches
  • Step Height: 47 inches to the top step
  • Handrail Height: 38 inches
  • Pool Projection: Extends 32 inches into the pool
  • Overall Width: 31 inches
  • Riser Height: 11 inches
  • Step Dimensions: 10 inches x 27 inches

Please visit this page about knock-off overseas steps before purchasing any replacement parts for the Step-1X:
How To Distinguish The Confer Step-1X from Chinese Knock-Offs

Download the Confer Step-1X Instruction Manual.

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