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Product Information

Manufacturer: Hinspergers

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  • 100% Shade Blocking. Pump Sold separately. 
  • 5'x5' Grid / Strap Spacing
  • Strong Poly-propylene Material
  • 6.7oz per Square Yard Weight
  • 14 Mil Thickness with non-pours coating for Strength 
  • 400 PSI Burst Rate
  • Includes: Brass Anchors for Concrete deck, Stainless Steel Springs, Anchor Wrench and Install toolbar
  • Warranty: 12 Year Warranty, 2 Year Full

Select the options to customize your cover. 

NOTE If you have any of the following, you will need to be quoted for a custom cover:

  • Any obstructions such as water slides, non-removable stair handles, auto cover equipment, etc. 
  • Any shape outside of a rectangle
  • 3x3 grid
  • Anchor Matching for previous covers
  • Step outside of the rectangle perimeter that is NOT on the centered end. 
  • Wood Deck or Paver Deck

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