Baqua Spa Water Clarifier

Baqua Spa Water Clarifier with Bioplex NMF 16 oz

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Baqua Spa Water Clarifier with Bioplex NMF

For the perfect balance Baqua Spa provides you products for spa start-up, reducing foam, cleaning spa filters and covers, and restoring spa water clarity.

  • A liquid that restores water clarity by assisting the filter in removing tiny particles that can cause clouding.
  • Contains aqua enhancer Bioplex NMF with moisturizers to condition and soften spa water for a relaxing spa experience.
  1. Check the filter and make sure it is clean.
  2. Turn pump on and run continuously throughout treatment. This will ensure proper mixing.
  3. Add 1/2 oz Baqua Spa Water Clarifier per 150 gallons of spa water.
  4. Run filter continuously until spa water clears.
  5. Repeat treatment if spa water does not clear within 24 hours. If spa water has not cleared within 48 hours contact your Baqua Spa Dealer.