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18'x40' Oval Winter Pool Covers

18'x40' Oval Winter Pool Covers

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18'x40' Oval Winter Pool Covers

Midwest Canvas brings you the best above ground winter pool cover money can buy. The Supreme Plus Winter Pool Cover is designed to stand up to winter after winter of ice and snow! Supreme Plus Winter Covers have two layers of extra edge with polypropylene binding for triple strength. Covers come complete with everything you will need to attach your cover easily and securely.

  • Blue Cover/Black Scrim
  • 12X12 Weave with polypropylene binding
  • Laminated polyethylene sheeting
  • Woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching
  • Ensures superior tensile strength and durability
  • All covers are treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays to inhibit deterioration and increase longevity
  • Corrosive-resistant grommets positioned every 2 feet
  • Winch and Cable System Included
  • 3 Feet Overhang

Warranty: 12-year manufacturer's pro-rated warranty.

The Elite Winter Pool Cover for above ground pools is our strongest winter pool cover to date! The Ultimate Winter Pool Cover comes with a 20 year manufacture's warranty.

  • Strong Tan material on top backed by black durable material underneath
  • The Elite binding around the entire cover to help prevent grommets from tearing out of the cover
  • All Elite winter pool covers come with a cable & winch to tighten your winter pool cover
  • 20 year Manufacture warranty with the first 2 years at 100% coverage against defects
  • 4' Overhang


Made in the USA Solid Winter Pool Cover. Don't be fooled by fake imported imitations as there is only one Armor Kote winter pool cover made by HPI Industries located in Medina NY

Armor Kote winter pool covers boasts an extraordinary fabric coating that provides superior seam strength, high tear and puncture resistance and is impervious to chlorine and other chemical stains.


  • Fastening Loop Approx Every 3'
  • Comes with Cable and Winch
  • 30% Lighter than Most Winter Covers
  • 50% Stronger than Most Winter Covers
  • 4' Overhang

Warranty 20-Year Warranty/ 5 Years Full 

Strong Mesh Winter Pool Cover

  • 3' Overhang
  • Cable and Winch included to secure the cover
  • Green/Black Woven Material keeps dirt and debris out but lets water drain through!
  • 8 Year Warranty - 2 Years Full