Spa Delivery Agreement

Spa Purchase & Delivery Agreement

  1. Hansen’s Pool & Spa, Inc. will supply 2 team members to deliver and set spa in place. If more than 2 team members are required for delivery (some spas are heavy & bulky and require 3-4 people) Hansen’s will require additional personnel for a fee of $100 if located 15-30 miles or more from our store. This will be determined prior to delivery. (If more than 30 miles from store, a custom quote will be given)
  2. Due to liabilities, Hansen's Pool & Spa does not allow others that are not employed by Hansen's Pool & Spa to assist in deliveries. If you choose to move your tub into a different location after Hansen's Pool & Spa team has left your property, we are not liable for any damage to persons or property. 
    1. Photos of the delivery spot will need to be sent to or can be submitted on our Delivery agreement form at least 3 days prior to delivery.  These photos will help assess whether additional personnel will be needed.
    2. If there is inclement weather (Rain, snow, temperatures below 25 degrees, etc) a Hansen’s Pool & Spa representative will contact the owner as soon as possible to reschedule.  
    3. Hansen’s Pool & Spa, Inc. shall be held harmless for any damage or injury to a person or property resulting from the spa delivery and/or ownership.
  3. Owner is to provide access to the spa site for delivery of the spa.  The spa will be located in location discussed with sales person. 
    1. Delivery personnel will need a space of at least 4’  in width and 10’ in height with no obstructions, i.e. wood piles, vehicles, fences, shrubs, etc.  Owner is responsible for measuring and ensuring the spa will fit where the intended location is. Hansen’s will provide personnel to measure at no charge if requested ahead of time.
  4. Should a boom/crane be required for delivery, owner shall pay for those costs directly to the crane company at delivery.  A site pre-visit shall be made and costs will be estimated should there be a question of using a crane.
  5. A level surface should be provided by the homeowner.  Hansen’s Pool & Spa team members will not shim spa to level it out.  It is recommended to be level within a ½ inch.
  6. All electrical connections for the Equipment Module must be accomplished by a certified electrician in accordance with the National Electrical code and in accordance with any local electrical codes in effect at the time of installation.  WARNING: Improper electrical or conductor sizing may cause the equipment module to operate improperly, create the potential for an electrical hazard, and will void the warranty.
  7. Equipment modules that have a factory installed power cord are to be plugged into a ground type, 120 volt dedicated GFCI protected 15 amp receptacle.  No other electrical appliance or fixture should be used on this circuit. The use of any other receptacle, or the connection of the plug to a 240 volt service will cause the module to operate improperly, create the potential for an electrical hazard, and will void the warranty.
    1. Under NO circumstances should an extension cord be used.  Use of an extension cord will degrade the performance of the equipment and will create potential for an electrical hazard.  Warranties will be voided.
  8. Location of the spa may not be under any electrical device (i.e. lights, fans, overhead lines, etc.) unless approved by the local city/village inspector.
    1. Any electric receptacles within 10 ft. of the spa must be GFCI protected.
    2. All metals within 10 ft. of the spa must be bonded to the equipment grid. (i.e. fencing, aluminum siding, etc.)
  9. A spa permit is required by the city/village.  It is the the owner’s responsibility to submit the permit.
  10. Any outstanding balance shall be paid by the owner prior to delivery.  If balance is being paid by personal check, payment is required 5 days prior to delivery.
  11. If balance is being financed, financing submission will be done 24-48 hours prior to delivery.  Upon delivery, the financing agreement must be signed by at least one (1) approved person on the financing contract.  
    1. Tax must be paid prior to delivery if financing. 
  12. There are 2 types of sales:  Stock Sale     Non-Stock Order
    1. A stock sale requires a minimum of a $100 deposit to remove the spa from current inventory.  Stock sale deposit is non-refundable after 30 days. 
    2. A non-stock order that is placed requires a 10% non-refundable deposit prior to ordering.
  13. At the time of delivery, a Hansen’s Pool & Spa, Inc. representative will go through a check of your spa, and go through basic operation.
  14. Photos of your spa will be taken. If you would like to be in the photo with your spa, we’d love to see your smiling face in it! These photos will be used on our website and social media accounts.  We will never give out personal information along with these photos. First Names or Last name may be used, never together.
  15. A water sample bottle will be left.  Once hot tub is filled, it is the spa owner’s responsibility to bring in a sample of the hot tub water.  It is recommended that the water be tested four (4) times within the first year to ensure all chemicals are being added properly, and proper levels are being maintained.  Each new spa purchase will come with four free water tests ($20.00 Value).


Updated 3-23-18