Hot Tub Challenge Terms & Conditions

  1. All information that is given is subject to be used for Hansen's Pool & Spa Advertising on all types of media. 
  2. All participants must complete the 30 day challenge along with the final Questionnaire and a Testimonial regarding your experience & results to receive the $50.00 voucher. 
  3. The $50.00 voucher will expire on 4-22-18. The $50.00 voucher must be used at one time. No extensions will be granted. 
  4. Your First Name, Last Initial, City and State will all be used in all advertising. 
  5. Hansen's Pool & Spa is not responsible for any injury resulting in use of hot tub. 
  6. If you are unsure if you are able to use your hot tub and for what lengths of time, please see your Physician.  
  7. A photo of your hot tub or you with your hot tub is required to receive your $50.00 voucher. 
  8. Participants are not required to share any personal information including Age, Weight, or contact information with any other participants. 
  9. Hansen's Pool & Spa will not share any personal information including Age, Weight or contact information in any advertisement or with any other participants.