baqua spa surface cleaner

Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner

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Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner

BAQUA SPA Surface Cleaner (1 pt) aids in the removal of waterline buildup. This is a highly concentrated gel that removes dirt, oils, stains and other contaminates at the water line. This product is safe for all types of spa shells.

Waterline Cleaning

  1. Apply a one inch ribbon of Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner to a wet nonabrasive scrub pad.
  2. Apply product to 2-3 foot section of area to be cleaner. Using gentle pressure, scrub area with treated pad.
  3. Thouroughly rinse treated areas
Underwater Cleaning
  1. Apply Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner directly to non-abrasive scrub pad.
  2. Scrub affected area(s).
Hydrochloric Acid: CAS No. 7647-01-0