Pool Perfect + PhosFree by Natural Chemistry

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Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect + Phos-Free combines the benefits of their ultra popular Pool Perfect with the strongest Phosphate remover on the market to create Pool Perfect PhosFree. Phosphates are the food for algae therefore adding this product cuts off the food source for algae virtually eliminating any chance for algae growth. PoolPerfect/Phosfree reduces eye irritation, controls algae growth, controls organic material allowing your swimming pool sanitizer to work at its best!

Works Great with Baquacil, Chlorine Pools, Mineral or Salt Water Pools

Phosphates are the primary food source for algae. Unfortunately, phosphates are constantly getting into your pool from rainwater, swimmer waste, decaying vegetation and many other sources, creating an ideal environment for algae growth. In order to kill algae and prevent its growth, it's necessary to remove phosphates from your pool water so that the algae cannot receive the nutrients it needs to grow.

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