From better sleep to increased circulation, regular hot tub use has some incredible benefits for your mind and body.

Family time. A hot tub gives you a space where distractions can be cut and you can connect with the people in your life. Those around you will want to share and enjoy more meaningful conversations in this comfortable, no-stress setting.

Wellness. Increase your overall wellness with regular hot tub use. Soaking in hot water has been proven to increase circulation, decrease anxiety and stress and facilitate a better range of motion. You can improve your workout by increasing your exercise effectiveness and improve your range of motion when you soak in your hot tub. Recover faster by getting a better sleep. A medical study from the New York hospital Cornell Medical Center found that a dip before bed races your bodies core temperature. After you merge, your temperature drops, sending your body a signal that it's time to sleep.

Pain reduction. Soaking in your hot tub can give you joint pain relief. And reduce your inflammation in joints. It can also help reduce your back and body pain. Soaking in water takes the weight off of your joints and promotes the release of endorphins. This helps suppress pain messages that are sent to the brain and will relieve stress and minimize discomfort.



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