As Spring finally arrives and the weather gets warmer, we know many of you are getting anxious to open your pools. (So are we!!) There are a few things you should know as you start to plan for your Pool opening this season.

Open Early  This is something we suggest every year, and always will! Even if we are not quite at swimming weather yet, it's best to open your pool 2-3 weeks prior to when you know you'll want to be using the pool. This gives you time to clear up your pool if you open cloudy, test out your equipment, and get your water balanced. What this also does is help you avoid the algae growth which can come from hot weather and no water circulation.  

Let your Pool Circulate Before you bring in your water to be tested, it's best to let you water circulation for a full 48-72 hours before pulling the sample from your pool. When water has not been circulated, we typically do not get a true reading of all levels in your water and can cause improper dosage for chemicals. Side Note: It's also best to bring in your water within 2 hours of taking your sample. If You take a sample in the morning and let it sit in your warm/hot car all day, that sample will not be much different water than what you took from your pool.

Take Photos We try to be the best in the area for all of your pool needs, but unfortunately we are not psychics (darn it!) If you need help with your equipment, it's best to take photos of the equipment and equipment labels so we know what we are working with. There are many brands out there and many different versions. To find parts or diagnose issues without knowing what you have is nearly impossible. If you have purchase your equipment from us, we should have record of your equipment.

Be patient with your pool & yourself  This partly goes with starting to open early, but giving yourself the chance to learn your equipment, your chemicals and then giving your pool the opportunity to clear itself up is key. A green or cloudy pool will not clear up in 4 hours, or even overnight. It typically takes 2-4 days to completely clear up a pool, especially in the opening season. If you're a new homeowner and inherited a pool that has been neglected, it can take 1-2 weeks to see it completely clear.

Run your filter non-stop  This goes for the beginning of the season, and all Summer long. A pool that's constantly filtering has a difficult time getting cloudy or becoming algae ridden.

If you ever need help with your pool, please feel free to contact us at  We will then direct to you a specialist that can help you with all of your pool needs!