So it's time to say goodbye to summer and close your pool. (Booo!) But that makes room for nights by the fire, cooking on the grill, and ending your day soaking in your hot tub! (Yayy!!) Now of course we want to make closing your pool as easy as possible. If you follow these 10 easy steps, you will be a pro at closing in no time! TIP: Pool should not be closed when the weather is still warm & water temp is over 65 degrees!
1.  Bring in a water sample before closing your pool.  Add the necessary chemicals to properly balance the pool water.  
2. Clean your pool thoroughly.  Shock treat and add algaecide if pool is green or water is cloudy.  Vacuum and remove any leaves and/or debris.  Clean the water line with surface cleaner while the pool is draining. 
3. Lower the water level approximately 6" below the wall skimmer or return fitting.  Now is the ideal time to install the Aquador skimmer close system - you wont have to drain your water next fall if you install this year! Failure to lower your water level may result in cracking of plastic fixtures. 
4. Drain water from the skimmer, remove basket and replace the lid.  
5. Remove all ladders & steps from the pool. 
6. Disconnect filtration equipment. Drain all water from the pump and tank.  Sand should be removed, and DE & cartridge filters should be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly with a filter cleaner.  If pump and/or tank cannot be removed from the pool site, then pool anti-freeze should be added to the equipment after it is drained to prevent freeze damage. 
7. Add closing chemicals.  For Baquacil : Top up your Sanitizer level, add 1 gal of oxidizer per 10k gal of water, and add 4 oz of Algidize or 1 pint of CDX per 10k gal of water.  For Chlorine: Add the Chlorine Winterization kit. (Different sizes available) For Pristine Blue: Top up your Pristine Blue Level, and add double your amount of weekly chemicals. 
8. Secure an ice expansion pillow to the center of your pool. This will help prevent damage to your pool walls due to ice expansion.  Note: this IS a sacrificial item!
9. Secure your winter pool cover according to manufacture's instructions.  Cover should drape over the pillow and slightly rest on the surface of the water.  You do not want the cover to be pulled taut and NEVER use jugs as weights to hold the cover on if you are in a windy area.  We suggest using cover clips or winter cover wrap in addition to your cover cable to secure your cover if you have a wind issue. 
10. Clean all products removed from your pool: solar cover, ladder, hoses and accessories.  Once dry, store cover and accessories in an area not subject to severe weather or temperature.